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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 23, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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good morning, everybody. thank you, as always, for joining us. we begin with new details this morning about a deadly shooting involving two sonoma county sheriff's deputies yesterday afternoon. this happened about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. we are now learning the suspect those two deputies shot was just a 13-year-old boy who was carrying a replica gun. nbc bay area's cóçne cain is live in santa rosa now with reaction from those who knew the boy and, chase, are you there? >> hi, marla. we're here.
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hey. >>=ñ yeah, it looks like we don have chase as we anticipated, but we can tell you that this 13-year-old boy was carrying this replica gun. deputies allegedly asked himyp put the weapon down not knowing that it was a replica gun. once he didn't, they opened 2ñ more than once. the boy ó. pronounced dead. his father is in touch with sheriff's deputies there in santa rosa, and, again, we are still waiting to learn all the new details as the investigation into this incident in santa rosa continues. we'll have much more on the story tonight at 5:00. you can always find the complete story on-line at nbc bay >> a tragic situation all the way around. a lot of questions still need to be answered. all right. a san francisco rec and park worker accused of running over and killing a woman in holly park is expected in court sometime later on qwhtoday. the district attorney filing felony hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter charges against 58-year-old tom bernoski.
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the decision coming more than six weeks after police say he ran over christy savanameir killing the mom right in front of her baby girl. now, a memorial still stands out in her honor. park goers agree on all levels this incident is tragic. >> the guy really messed up. i mean, the poor little baby doesn't have a mom anymore. husband doesn't have a wife. it's a forever crime, but it's a mistake. he didn't follow the rules. >> well, rec and park rules say workers must have a spotter out there helping out if they are driving on a park lawn. witnesses say bernoski did not have a spotter when he suicidely turned off a path and drove across the lawn, and that's when he ran over the woman, leaving that scene. he eventually just left the scene. bernoski was out on bail. he has since turned himself in. that happened yesterday. 7 has since turned himself in. deadly accident at levi stadium in santa clara, cal osha is reopening its investigation into
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the first worker fatality. this one happened back on june 11th. an elevator counter weight killed 63-year-old donald white. cal osha will only say some new questions have been raised, so they are looking at evidence. it÷ originally ruled there was o violation.  incident just over a week ago, last monday, in fact, a driver died while dropping off steel rebar at the soon to be home of the 49ers. a bundle of the rebar fell off his trua& and landed right on top of him. >> we also have some new details this morning on that deadly bart crash. today the ntsb continuing its investigation shutting down a specific section of that track whererjut two workers were both hit and killed. from noon until 3:30 p.m. today there will be no train service, make a note of this, between the lafayette, walnut creek, and pleasant hill stations. instead they will be having a bus bridge in place to try to help riders get around. investigators are likely going
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to use this time to try to do a reenactment of saturday's crash. new fin9;pqáhárju the two victims, 66-year-old lawrence daniels of oakland and 58-year-old christopher shepherd of hayward were both cleared by a dispatcheru to be out on the track with one of them acting as a lookout. the ntsb says at that point the men became responsible for themselves. >> the lookout must be positioned outside of the train view any oncoming train from either direction on any track. in this accident there were two tracks. >> investigators also telling us tests on the brakes show they were fully operational at the time, but they did see some flat spots on the tracks, possibly from the operator slamming on them right before the deadly crash. >> from bart to ac transit. a little more than an hour ago a state approved governor brown's request for a%% 60-day cooling f period for ac transit and its
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unions. an alameda county superior court said it would significantly disrupt public transportation services and endanger the public's welfare. the governor says the last thing we need is another transit strike in the bay area. well, speaking of ac transit, passengers could soon see discounts and easier ways to pay for theirwf at a public hearing this afternoon, the agency's board of directors will consider a new fair policy. the plan includes a local day pass, eliminates paper transfers, and it also gives discounts on clipperryf card fa. allzd cash fares would stay the same, and there is no fare increase. ac transit's general manager says this plan is aimed at fares cheaper and service more efficient. >> well, simply put, a list of local politicians are fed up saying enough with all these transit strikes. following the recent'v battles, their goal now? do iowa w transit work stoppagej
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permanently. city councilmember steve glazier was joined in support to ban transit strikes here in california. glazier launched an on-line petition in favor of prohibiting transit strikes, and he says thousands of commuters are also in support of this campaign. many of the u.s. cities already prohibit transit strikes, ìá& chicago. at 11:00, some tennis in the east bay some bed bug problems so bad they're taking their landlord to court. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in concorde where she went into one of the apartments to see the conditions firsthand. christie, how was it? >> not very good, marla. a couple of the residents said it was really something to see. there are actually 48 units here, and they tell says that they're being constantly bitten by bed bugs. her mattress in plastic just to trap the bed bugs inside so they don't come out when she's trying to sleep.
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one resident at the rosemont apartment showed us the spotsí]z her ceiling that she says are f1 o waste. she says that her two kids are covered in bites, that the manager sprayed them, painted, but the problem keeps coming back. four mattresses, actually, sit outside on her patio. she saysu'xç it's in the hopes bed bugs won't get to c;ñthem. á21 tenants involved in a lawsuit filed today in concorde over the bed bugs and what they call substandard housing conditions. they say it's want just the bugs, but they say it's myself, trash, mold, defective plumbing. one woman told us it's just been ÷ with. >> i'm not -- bitten by animal. i have marks. i have marks all over my body. we have cockroaches, rats, and we have talked to the manager, and they don't pay attention to us. >> it is a lawsuit perhaps, defective conditions, nuisance, and, you know, the conditions that my clients are suffering
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through. >> now, here are some of the bed bugs they say that were collected from the units here where they say each tenant pays about $850 a month. they say they feed on blood. the adults are flat and wingless and mainly bite at night. i've tried to contact the owners named in the lawsuit, left messages, but have not heard back. now,pp÷ the county health department says that bed bugs are not known disease carriers. they can cause allergic reaction, rednuc3m swelling, and itching, skin infection, and scarring can occur. one of the side effects, though, predominant predominantly, they say, is loss of productivity, loss of sleep, and that really this takes long-term care and control to get ahold of. i did have a hands to speak to the manager briefly out here this morning. he just arrived, and he tells me that it's not actually just thi building, that it's the whole corridor here on monument boulevard and that he has had people move here from other built they say this is better than what they're used to dealing with. he says that he tried to handle
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it the best that he can. control company8ñ coming in thi ñ to spray again. he says he tries to do about six units a week. he says it's just a problem that is tough to handle. reporting live in concorde, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we're going to go back to our lead story with those new details with about a deadly shooting involving two sonoma county sheriff's deputies yesterday afternoon. we are now learning the suspect those two deputies shot was a 13-year-old boy carrying a replica gun. nbc bay area's chase cain is live in santa rosa with reaction from those that knew the xdzózk. chase. >> we can tell ow the southwest side of santa rosa, but there is a lot of anger about what happened yesterday afternoon. two sonoma county sheriff's deputies were out just patrolling when they saw this 13-year-old boy walking down the side walk here. he had that toy gun that replica gun and the boy was shot and killed. you can see that there is already a memorial being set up here with candles.
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toy gun there wrapped in a bow because people here are simplyw angry that this young teenage boy did not even have a real weapon and, yet, he was killed. >> held responsible for their actions. this is -- >> reporter: outrage in santa rosa right along side heartache. >> he wanted to go to college and have a career. he wanted to do something more and better with his life. now he can't. it was taken from him. >> reporter: the 13-year-old identified by friends as andy lopez was walking along moreland avenue yesterday afternoon with sonoma county sheriff's deputies, and at some point deputies say they told the boy to drop that replica gun. when they say&ccñ he did not, deputies opened fire, killing him. >> he is not the kind of boy that would sit there and resist. he would not have resisted.
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there's no way. there's no way. not that kind of boy. >> reporter: the sons of these two mothers were best friends with andyr@3 lopez, so they an many others knew the 13-year-old well and just can't understand how this could happen. >> he was not a gang member. he was not a criminal. yet, he is dead. p he is 13 years old. an eighth grader. you know? couldn't something else have been done? >> the sheriff's department could have done something differently? not taken lethal force? ñ the common theme here. people are asking why these deputies used lethal force on this 13-year-old boy and that is an answer that we don't yet have fully or a p4question, rather, don't have fully answered. we've been working to get law enforcement on the phone this morning, and we have not been able to. what we can tell you is the  santa rosa police department, the petaluma police department and the sonoma county district
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attorney's office will be investigating the actions of these sheriff's deputies. we hope to hear more later today. sheryl heavied herd will be here to get more answers from the community. now people have a lot of hart ache and a lot of anger on their hands in santa rosa. that is the latest, chase cain, nbc bay area news. >> heart-wrenching reality. chase, thank you very much. in other news, animal control officers rescuing dozens conditions in monterey county. a total of 30 dogs were found with infections, rashes, and covered in feces during two separate rescues inmv soledad. there was so much clutter in this house, the dogs had to make to get through it. they are now receiving -- recovering, receiving special attention at an spca center. the district attorney is now looking at animal abuse charges for the couple who lived in that home. >> faces are so precious. still to come, a south bay
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teen honored by the red cross. how one hour of her time turned plus, a rare and command appearance by 6 prince george. listen to why the spotlight offense this bouncing and cheeky boy. good vibrations. >> oh, baby, it's cold outside. temperatures are still in the 50s right now. a couple 40s even in places like napa with some thick, low clouds. we'll let you know when those will clear and who is still going to get close to 90 degrees later on and then those temperatures drop like a rock. your full forecast in moments when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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welcome back. britain's royal family gathered today celebrate the christening
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of prince george. baby prince george. look at him. he is just all cheeks. >> you just want to grab him. >> yeah, do you. bite his little face. as the duke and duchess of cambridge arrive with george in their arms, the world witnessed this sight rarely seen. >> i love this shot. >> four generations of royals all together. despite this rare sight, it was baby george who stolex$ the spotlight as he should, making his first public appearance in three months and dressed in his christening gown. prince george is third in line to the british throne.2ru >> kid has the cute factor on lock. now those guys have to work on his wave. get that done. all right. speaking of a royal treatment, a bay area high school senior now being honored as a true life hero after saving her mother's life. she says it would have been possible without taking a one-hour cpr class. >> nbc bay area's bob riddell has her remarkable story. >> reporter: by laurie dolan should not be walking or formóy+ her own thoughts, should not be alive. >> i thought she was dead.
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i started screaming for my daughter. >> doctors credit laurie's second chance at life to the girl laurie gave life to 18 years ago. >> i love her. her eyes were rolled back. i knew something was wrong right away when i looked at her. >> reporter: what lindse'yv didt realize on that football sunday at home in sunny vail last november was that her mother had just suffered sudden cardiac arrest. >> i gave her a few clap on the face and said, mom, wake up. there's no response. i was in so much shock at the moment. i couldn't even create tears in my eyes. >> reporter: lindsay overcame that shock and gave her mouth to mouth until paramedics arrived, which is why this morning the red cross honored her with their community hero award. >> i didn't know she knew cpr, first of all, and i'm just thankful that she did because if she didn't, my wife wouldn't be here right now. >> i knew it was not her time to
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fighting for her, and that's what she did. >> laurie stopped breathing for 23 minutes that sunday afternoon. if she hadn't received her daughter's oxygen during three of those minutes, doctors are certain she would have suffered brain damage. >> my hero. she saved my life. >> in sanity kra clara, bob riddell, nbc bay area news. >> that makes me cry. lindsey learned cpr as a freshman in high school. because of his wife's near death experience laur;w> larry dolan now also learned the life-saving technique. laurie has a pacemaker installed, and she's doing well. >> what a story. >> thanks, bob, for that. that was great. the blue angels will be back next year. good news for blue angels fans. the high-flying jets will rrn for fleet week. they had to cancel all their shows this year because of federal budget cuts, but the military found other areas to cut, so it could bring them back for 65 shows next year, including the weekend of october
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11th in san francisco, so mark your calendars. that's in 2014. >> always a huge attraction. >> yes. and performance, and according to what we had outside, all the í%low-hanging clouds, probably wouldn't have been able to see anything. the temperatures starting to get nice out there. >> yeah, they are. qlpñup, it's really cold outside, completely socked in with fog, and he then by the end of the day, what do you know, all those low clouds vanish. beautiful blue sky. we're already getting it right here in senole. san francisco, though, still plenty of low cloud cover lingering throughout the next couple of hours, but by about 1:00, 1:30 you should be clearing out even right by the bay. temperatures are still pretty chilly. cold enough for a coat in santa rosa, and napa, at the low 50s. upper 40s !,mñthere. satellite imablery shows a story. you can see where the low clouds are concentrated mostly over the bay right now. as we head throughout the next couple of hours, though, the sun will do its job to clear us out nicely. this is what we are expecting. the visibilities will start to
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creep up. especially in concorde and livermore. in the course of the next hour, you're still a mile and a quarter in san jose. a mile and a half in oakland, and three miles right now in nevada. same deal for tomorrow morning. not quite as much fog or wind. as a result, it won't be as thick out there, but between about now and 1:00 p.m., watch out on the roadways because we still have thick pockets right at the surface. highs, though, today are going to warm nicely until 86 degrees in fairfield. jt)á(jy we're getting into that time of year. 7rh week away from that time of halloween, and everybody who has lived here for any amount of time knows that's when it starts to get cold in the bay area. next week we are going to drop off so, enjoy the 80
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>> indeed it does. >> a twist of fate that helped a south bay couple literally strike it rich.
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tonight game one between the boston red sox and st. louis cardinals. that gets underway this evening. right here in the bay area the headlines. we're talking about fan favorites and two-time cy young award winner tim lis com. despite having a couple of down seasons and his testing as a free agent market, the giants jpójut him for two the deal worth $35 million. it also has a no trade clause. he will be sticking around. this is all pending a physical. it is the 29-year-old's second straight two-yearkt'ñ contract. back in 2012 he rejected a =ñ five-year vt(s is he coming back.
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that's what kanye paid. $35 million to rent out at&t (t&háhp &hc& >> oh, that's right. >> oh, there you go. >> thanks a lot, kanye, for keeping our guy around. talking about some courtesy here, it appears common courtesy really does pay off. always nice to know just by letting another person you whn are you in line, you let them go in front of you because you're not in a hurry, a retired couple in fremont turned that into three-quarters of a million dollars. >> bob and arlene johnson weren't in my rush when they stopped into the quick stop on walnut avenue last week in fremont so, they allowed the person behind them to check out well, that person purchased the same lottery scratcher ticket that they were about to buy. the johnsons ended up with the very next ticket in the bunch of $750,000. >> yat sfwl i. >> they plan on investing the money after buying a new truck, the garden. >> forget it. they're not going to disneyland. we're buying a roto-tiller. >> they're going to have the best yard on the block.
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>> coming up after this, we'll doubt is going to warm your heart for the holidays.y-
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>> we have a heart-break and sbñ hart-warming story. hr(c christmas is christmas. >> yeah. meet 7-year-old jalen marten of temple, texas. doctors say she doesn't have much time left because she has a brain jlntumor. she wants to celebrate christmas, so the community has come together to make sure she enjoys the holidays now. they decorated her house, as you can see. they brought presents. even home depot there locally donated more than $1,000 worth of decorations, including a 7-foot tree and all the ornaments along with that. yeah. >> making dreams come true. >> that's so sweet. sad all at once. thanks for being with us. our next newscast is at 5:00 tonight. have a great day, everybody.
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